Tariro is a Shona given name, mostly popular with females. In the Queen’s tongue, it translates to Hope. Ergo, the poem below will be on hope. The featured image is of one fine lady called Tariro Chikodzi.

When disasters become endless,
and attacks suddenly devastate our homes,
when our dreams of success are shattered,
sickness and death stalking our loved ones.
One thing can lift our heads,
to point us forward;
That is determination
moving into the picture,
slowly and surely reviving life.
Resuscitating the lost hope for the hopeless,
surprisingly, out of the mist
there shall come up an African Angel,
sit before you and tell you a story.
the echoes of her voice
will be a soft strong rhythm,
dislodging you from self pity
and force you to dance in a new style.
Right about then,
the hope gained from determination
will impact in you a new sight,
giving you greater thoughts for the present
and the best for tomorrow.


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