To the woman I’ve known all my life:

There is that day when I cried like has been let loose, logically you should have felt pity for me but you smiled. The doctor even had to smack me so that I let out that crazy cry. As funny as it is you were happy after giving a live birth when others gave still births.

it has always been you taking care of me since day one. At the age of eight I found myself in a tragic situation, hospitalized  and bed ridden. I almost became a disabled kid in a moment but you encouraged me to keep on keeping on until I was whole again.

You raised a gentleman and a God-fearing child. Unto you today I say happy women’s day.

To the women I have met everyday:

Believe me I say to you today; you are special. Wherever or whenever we met, you left some kind of impact in my life and I appreciate. There is one thing I need you to know today, there are two possibilities out of every encounter. You were either a BLESSING or a LESSON and whichever you were know that you deserve the best in life.

To the woman I will share a lifetime with:

Wherever you are my dear, let not your heart be troubled. I am right here waiting for you too and that day I’ll take you from your mother’s grasp. There is only one thing I want you to remember all this while, I’m a man of my word and I promise to keep you well. This is the reason why I’m saying happy women’s day from over a thousand miles away. Please make sure to remember this promise when I take you for Honeymoon.

To all the women I haven’t met and some I will never meet:

You are also just like the rest; special in your own kind. Please acknowledge your worth in this world and spread love always. It is my wish that i would meet all of you one day and tell you one by one, “happy women’s day”.



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