In Scarlet she goes

If she could, Then she would. Fly high above the mountains, Soar to greater heights like the eagle. A dreamer she is, She holds on to the dreams bound by no limits. She overcomes it all in life, with just a smile... A smile of hope Love Endurance And peace. In Scarlet she goes Dressed … Continue reading In Scarlet she goes


Free Spirit

She just wants to be alone, lonely with her own thoughts... embraced by nature, wishing she could hug the wind; whisper into her ears                          'take me with you please' truth be told, she's sick and tired of being sick and tired, she smiles she laughs she shouts yet she sheds dry tears. We see … Continue reading Free Spirit

Sweet Pain

troy namps

So hard a blow,
Your love will ever throw.
My heart still,
Depending on the will,
Of seeing you
Come out of the blue.

In the distant horizon,
Your absence I mourn.
Sweet tears I shed,
Missing you in bed.
Hoping one day
The night will be gay,
You by my side
As we ponder upon the tide.

A necessary pain,
Only when I think of you.
Missing you…
A sweet pain,
Only when you are missing.
A mission impossible,
Only when you are the subject.

Dearest I wonder,
As I ponder
On your promise,
Although not Amiss;
I still miss
Those kisses,
Evoking a race
In my arteries.

In my heart still,
I bear it all;
The zeal,
Burning to heal
This sweet pain.

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troy namps

Rufaro is a Shona given name, mostly to females, translating to Joy in the Queen’s tongue. So I’m going to write about joy and the featured image is of a lady called Rufaro Kavhai.

That tiny feeling;
Growing bit by bit
And a smile on my face,
Emanating out of the blue.

A feeling so enchanting;
Not forcing its way out.
All it takes is an open mind,
Coupled with a stress free heart.
I won’t know any hassles by then
Nor any tantrums by the night.

It is the joy in my heart,
The joy that heals the world
With just a simple smile.


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