My Life as a Poet

I have a lot of dreams and one of these is to maximize on my talent and passion


Roar of Rebellion 

one interesting piece of art with a huge message beyond words we see


Well, well, well. They say there is a first time for everything, folks. I have never been one to color inside boundaries, however, this pattern was cultivated out of necessity, not choice. My act of rebellion today broke regulation of another kind. I was suspended from Facebook for posting “nudity.” The so called offensive material was a beautiful artistic expression of the female form, featured in one of my blog posts. Given the multitude of crude selfies circulating social media, coupled with the omnipresence of pornography, I find this censorship pathetic.

At the same time, this transgression provides an opportunity to discuss the objectification of women, but most importantly, who is doing the objectification. When scantily clad photography of women is marketed toward a male audience, we tend to work the other way. When a woman asserts power in presenting the female form, chaos ensues.

I will be expanding upon…

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Free Spirit

She just wants to be alone, lonely with her own thoughts... embraced by nature, wishing she could hug the wind; whisper into her ears                          'take me with you please' truth be told, she's sick and tired of being sick and tired, she smiles she laughs she shouts yet she sheds dry tears. We see … Continue reading Free Spirit