Let Them Talk First and You Learn

It has been a while since the last of this kind of presentation but I never stopped listening to music. I listen to old and new music all the time, and my focus does not shift. I look for the motivation in each and every track that lands in my ears. As I'm penning this … Continue reading Let Them Talk First and You Learn



Life is a journey and the problem with a journey is that you have your own destination. Don’t take your peer’s route hoping to land at your own destination. The actual fact is that you will miss your destination and regret for the rest of your life. Live your own life not for others and … Continue reading Life

End of week talk

The earth is one huge and magnificent global village with people of various behavior and attitude. These two variables, at the same time bring out one’s character and character determines one’s conduct. When character is really bad, then discipline becomes a problem. People will even fail to manage their priorities or stick to certain things, … Continue reading End of week talk