Calling for the world’s support

Sitting on a Double edged sword Hi guys, I recently made an online entry for the DFL Lover + Another Performance Poetry. Please kindly follow the link and support by liking the post. The more likes I receive, the higher my chances of winning rise. Your support will be greatly appreciated. Be assured also that … Continue reading Calling for the world’s support



Tariro is a Shona given name, mostly popular with females. In the Queen's tongue, it translates to Hope. Ergo, the poem below will be on hope. The featured image is of one fine lady called Tariro Chikodzi. When disasters become endless, and attacks suddenly devastate our homes, when our dreams of success are shattered, sickness … Continue reading Tariro


Samkheliso is a ndebele given name for ladies. It translates to welcome and that will be the subject of the poem below. The featured image is of Samkheliso Chuka. Welcome! To the future of yesterday; silently, the little Miss whispered, Her voice unbroken and favorable enough. Took me by the right hand and ushered me … Continue reading Samkheliso


Patricia is a female given name derived from the Latin word¬†'patrician'¬†meaning noble. So I will be writing on a noble woman. The featured image is of one noble lady named Patricia Kagweda. Oh noble woman! How admirable is your hand, Artistic to bring beauty in the house. Whatever you touch, You do so with determination … Continue reading Patricia


Jabulani is a Ndebele given name meaning be happy. The poem below is an encouragement to those carrying around heavy hearts. The featured image is of Jabulani Masango. Scientifically: It is a proven fact, Oh yea, just that simple smile It is worthy to work the miracle, Using less energy It keeps you healthy. Psychologically: … Continue reading Jabulani